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CSR Report 2016-2017
InVivo is fully determined to help agriculture and agricultural cooperation...
Communiqué de presse
05 July 2017
Upscience strengthens its operations in the Brazilian market through the...
Communiqué de presse
14 June 2017
InVivo Labs announces its new identity today. It will become Upscience on 3...
Communiqué de presse
22 March 2017
Bertrand Girard, managing director of InVivo Wine, will join the InVivo Group’s...
Communiqué de presse
12 January 2017
Neovia has entered into exclusive negotiations to become Sanpo’s majority...
Corporate presentation - InVivo Group - 2015-2016
Corporate presentation of InVivo Group - 2015-2016
Communiqué de presse
13 December 2016
InVivo announces turnover of €6.4 billion, an increase of 13%, expected...
Heading for digital transformation : InVivo Tech 2020