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The Board of Directors of the national union of cooperatives InVivo met today and elected Jérôme Calleau as its new Chairman. Jérôme Calleau, who has served as Deputy Chairman since 2011, succeeds Philippe Mangin.

Together with Thierry Blandinières, InVivo's CEO, he intends to pursue the group's development and diversification within the framework of the 2030 by InVivo strategic plan.

Jérôme Calleau, 60, has been a polyvalent farmer since 1982 within a 3-partner farm in Aizenay (Vendée department) and has been Chairman since 2000 of Cavac, a regional agricultural cooperative based in La- Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée).

He has been a board member of InVivo since 2009 and Deputy Chairman since 2011. He played an active role in the group's development by monitoring the various business units. Alongside the Chairman, Philippe Mangin, and the CEO, Thierry Blandinières, he contributed to the development of the strategic projects 2025 by InVivo and 2030 by InVivo and worked on the merger of InVivo with the family-owned agri-food group Soufflet.

Jérôme Calleau, Chairman of InVivo: "I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their trust and express my sincere appreciation for Philippe Mangin's commitment and career.

I see my chairmanship as a continuation of what we have achieved with the Board of Directors, the CEO, Thierry Blandinières, the Executive Committee and all the group's employees. Since 2014, we have been working to build a structured, diversified, innovative organization that serves its member cooperatives, the interests of farmers, and citizen consumers. I look forward to pursuing the implementation of our 2030 by InVivo strategic project, which is built around one ambition: to support the agri-food transition and promote the influence of the French farm in Europe and internationally, based on our two historical pillars, digital and CSR."

Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo: "I am very pleased to have Jérôme Calleau elected as Chairman of InVivo. His investment for over 10 years in the governance of the Union and his experience in the agri-food sector make the executive team and myself confident and serene about his willingness and ability to pursue the company's strategic project, to establish InVivo as the backbone of French agriculture and as a leader in all its business units. This election represents both a token of stability and dynamism for all the group's employees."


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