Obtaining the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

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"Agriculteur le jour et la nuit" gets the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Farmers by day and night is a series of realistic photo reports that take a positive look at the diversity of French farmers and agriculture. This operation led by photographer Géraldine Aresteanu for the InVivo group in 2019 has just been granted the high patronage of Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food. This is a source of pride for InVivo and the 12 farmers with whom Géraldine shared her daily life for 24 hours.

Food and agriculture raise high expectations from consumers and citizens and generate new consumption patterns.

The health crisis has increased this phenomenon while putting the crucial role of the farmer back at the centre: feeding us.

Consumers' power of prescription is forcing the agricultural world to transform itself, to show agility and innovation, particularly in the face of the environmental challenges we know.

In this context, Farmers by Day and Night invites us to take a real look at the life of a farmer, a market gardener or an oyster farmer.

Where and how do they live? What do they aspire to? What techniques do they use?

The last agriculture show was also an opportunity to show the 620,000 visitors the 12 farmers' portraits on a 110 m² backlit frieze.

A text accompanied them, telling their story.

At the same time, Farmers by day and night displayed more than 130 photos in the Paris metro.

"The diversity of French agriculture is a source of unique wealth. All types of agriculture are needed to meet today's challenges. With Farmers by day and night, we wanted to raise awareness among the general public and recreate a link between farmers and citizens, who are in need of information. We are very proud of this patronage, because it shows that with this operation we are working to improve knowledge of the agricultural world and its players," says Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo.

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