Developing a sustainable wine sector

Created in 2015, Cordier by InVivo (formerly InVivo Wine) is helping to develop a sustainable wine sector with its partner cooperatives and contributing to the success of French wines around the world.

With nine cooperative member groups in Union InVivo’s Wine division, Cordier by InVivo enjoys a solid and reliable base in the industry that allows it to secure supplies and drive towards the vineyard of the future.
Rooted in the various terroirs (Bordeaux, Rhône, South West, Languedoc, Beaujolais), the nine groups incorporate some 3,600 winemakers and 25,000 hectares of vines.

In 2021, Cordier by InVivo merged with the cooperative group Vinadeis. The new entity is organized into 2 main divisions:

  • Cordier Wines, which includes all services related to the development and marketing of estates, Châteaux and wine brands: oenology, R&D, marketing, sales and integrated distribution.
  • Cordier Excel, which includes production, from manufacturing to bottling.

Key figures

Key figures
locations around the world

Our sustainable commitments

  • To cultivate a responsible wine sector

  • To guarantee and trace the origin of products

  • To create new sources of value for winegrowers


Production and bottling

Cordier by InVivo has strengthened its production capacity with two advanced packaging and logistics sites, as well as an ultra-modern site dedicated to bulk wine. A set of tools which, combined with a unique know-how, is able to produce retailers’ own brands, estates and Châteaux, organic wines and non-alcoholic drinks.



Trade and distribution

Cordier by InVivo relies on a portfolio of strong and complementary brands such as Café de Paris, Mythique, Maris and Bonne Nouvelle, and strategic local brands that meet the needs of specific markets. These brands are promoted in all markets, from HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafés) to mass retail and specialized distribution, in France and abroad.


Regarding research and development, the pooling of skills and tools makes it possible to offer consumers wines that best meet their expectations, as well as innovative wine-based drinks, such as the Wine Seltzers Café de Paris (low-alcohol flavoured sparkling wines).