Working with us

Cultivating talent 

188 member cooperatives, more than 13.000 employees, including more than 10.000 in France, a presence in 38 countries, more than 90 industrials sites, including 63 in France… to work at InVivo is to work in an international environment and to share the values of the world of agricultural cooperation.

Loyal to the founders' spirit, employees adhere to an ethical code based on:

  • Humanism
  • Commitment
  • Team spirit
  • Innovation
  • Enthusiasm

Men and women at InVivo are making a decisive contribution to the group's development and to the rapid growth of agricultural cooperation as well as to the spread of French agriculture's influence throughout the world.

Because the business environment is becoming more international and complex, our employees must continually adapt and acquire new skills to deal with new challenges.


Our human resources strategy

InVivo's Human Resources policy is aimed at all InVivo group employees worldwide.

Its aim is to support the group's strategy, to accompany changes and to encourage the development of its employees in new ways, new tools, new professions, etc.

To this end, the group respects a policy of equal treatment, promotes diversity of profiles and talents and encourages innovation and cooperation.

This strategy is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Supporting managers on a daily basis,
  • The development of skills for the professional and personal progress of each individual,
  • The creation of bridges between businesses to encourage internal mobility, a factor in growth and development.

In a context of profound technological change, the Human Resources policy supports the evolution of the business lines and the modernization of the organization by promoting the spirit of innovation that characterizes its corporate culture.


In a learning organization, employees continuously create, acquire and transfer knowledge. They facilitate the adaptability and efficiency of the organisation, enabling it to better serve the agricultural cooperative and society as a whole.

InVivo provides to employees numerous tools to support them during all their careers and enable them to continue to learn, maintain their knowledge and acquire new knowledge, in line with their personal development.

In 2018-2019, 50% of the group's workforce benefited from at least one training course.


Gender Equality Index

Equality Women Men has been placed at the heart of government priorities.

In the framework of the law of September 5, 2018, a new system has been put in place allowing French companies with more than fifty employees to evaluate themselves each year in the field of professional equality: the Women-Men Equality Index.

Five indicators calculated on a total of 100 points, allow, per economic and social unit (UES), to measure:

  • Pay gaps,
  • Gaps in the proportion of women and men who have been promoted,
  • Differences in the proportion of women and men promoted,
  • Systematic increases for women in the year of maternity leave,
  • The number of women in the company's ten highest paid positions.

Below a threshold of 75 points out of 100, the company is required to define and implement the necessary measures within three years.

At InVivo, equality between men and women is at the heart of the Human Resources policy. You will find below the indexes for each of the SEUs within the InVivo group's scope.

The F/M index for the year 2021 is being calculated and will be published very soon.