Communiqué de presse
14 January 2019
nVivo Wine, et Château Maris, producteur de vins biodynamiques dans le Languedoc, ont conclu un accord exclusif de distribution mondiale prenant effet dès janvier 2019.
InVivo Annual Report - 2017-2018
Communiqué de presse
28 November 2018
Rachel Kolbe, who has been CSR Manager of the InVivo Group since 2016, has been appointed CSR Director from 1 December.
Communiqué de presse
20 November 2018
To supply chefs with exceptionally flavourful live or same-day picked, untreated and hyper-local sprouts... with the help of a clean vehicle. This is the challenge taken up together by InVivo Food&Tech's La Plucherie and les Collectionneurs.
Communiqué de presse
12 November 2018
Agriculture-dedicated InVivo Group entity Bioline Group is expanding its activity and entering the insurance market with the launch of Bioline Insurance.
Communiqué de presse
29 October 2018
InVivo Group’s dedicated agriculture entity Bioline Group is reinforcing its seed line of business with the acquisition of AEGILOPS, a startup company specialised in the design and development of seed coating products.
The essential 2018
The essential 2018 : InVivo is fully determined to help agriculture and agricultural cooperation regain their rightful place in the global food value chain, with respect for the planet and people.