Using the agricultural world's expertise to serve consumers

InVivo Retail is accelerating development within its three sectors: garden centres, pet supplies and retail food, while redefining the profile of the InVivo Group by focussing on its positioning in B to C markets. InVivo Retail is constructing a new grow-your-own garden centre model that creates value for customers, franchisees and agricultural cooperatives.

The main objectives of InVivo retail are :

  • Becoming a Eureopean market leader in garden centres, garden living and pet supplies with Jardiland, Gamm vert and Delbard ;

  • Developping the retail sale of fresh, local and organic product with Bio&Co, Frais d’ici, and So France ;

  • Capitalising on the marketing power of its subsidiary Neodis, a major manufacturer and distributor of dog and cat foods.

Key figures of InVivo Retail
In revenues
Retail stores of garden centres, vegetal, pet, food
Coverage area in France

Becoming a Eureopean market leader in garden centres, garden living and pet supplies

With the acquisition of Jardiland, Gamm vert and Delbard, InVivo Retail becoming a European market leader in garden centres, garden living and pet supplies. The multibrand are complementary but they will retain their own identity :  

  • Jardiland : the leader of garden living,

  • Gamm vert : growing your own,

  • Delbard, the plant expertise.



A wider acces to local and organic products

With Frais d'ici, Bistrot d'ici and Bio&Co, the retail food is becoming a distinct activity for InVivo Retail which is reaffirms its ambitions in the retail sale of fresh, local and organic products.

  • Frais d’ici is an innovative concept proposing local and regional sourcing products to 80%;

  • With the acquisition of Bio&Co, InVivo retail has acquired the means to develop its expertise in organic retail food.

So France: the French gastro-store abroad

On 2018, InVivo opened So France Singapore, the first and pioneering gastro-store promoting French gastronomy.

It is the objective of the So France brand to unite French producers around a common goal: to export and exploit the value of French gastronomy around the world.

Néodis: market launch mastery

With unique market launch expertise within the green economy, Néodis is in complete control of the value chain, from understanding needs to customer and consumer satisfaction in differents fields of competence:

  • Animal
  • Antinuisible
  • Hygiene and care
  • Conservation

Néodis allows for some of InVivo’s ranges to be present on the entire value chain from manufacturing to distribution to customers.

Thus, dry food solded in producer-branded and retailer-branded are produced by La Braconne’s factory. Most of ingredients come from locally places to promote French flies and our cooperatives partners.

Néodis also protects the silos of our cooperatives against insects and pests thanks the BtB activity.

Néodis expertise mise en marche vignette